if you believe, you can achieve
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I just found out that your problem is limited belief. We have to be open to belief that things can get better and your life can change for the better. Your brain is removing certain things from your understanding and it makes it real that you don’t have to see greatness in yourself but it’s not reality. Your mind can fill in things for itself sometimes which may not be real because it’s biased. Have you ever been in a place very many times and you one day realize something you have never seen but it has always been there ????  Your mind has filtered it out, Don’t you think your mind has filtered out many things that are real about you!!!! Do you know why some people go to the same place for the same reason and one person sees the opportunity and seizes it. We need to see opportunity and we can do this if we understand that our reality is not necessarily our reality. Open yourself to Success. Have faith. Don’t be close minded be open minded and receive things. Don’t shut things down with limited belief. Don’t create a prison and then jump in it. Don’t put your mind in prison. 

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  1. peter says:

    thax for kipng encouraging us

  2. Nickwei says:

    I will alwayz love u en ur songs thanks Apass

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