RELEASED: November 30, 2017
LABEL: iamapass
PRODUCED BY: HerbertSkillz
MASTERED BY: HerbertSkillz
A Pass – Amenvu

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64 Responses to A Pass – Amenvu

  1. Cochey cohen says:

    Good work bro…only the beats were alito slower so it turned into areaggea tune.

  2. Mugerwa allan says:

    Thnx and much love

  3. Shana says:

    I loved it from day one

  4. Croft Suma says:

    Nice freedom song

  5. kabendera says:

    I call you tr. I_man student

  6. Tumusiime sarah says:

    The song z so nice thx apass bambi i love ur music amenvu galidde ogamaze mukibanyi ngatukulaba nebikuta nobisa kubbali i love the song

  7. CALVEL says:

    perfect jam stil calvel outreach mbarara “TR

  8. A Pass says:

    even comment and feedback is appreciated



  10. Hank Cj says:

    thanx coz yo my menter in music….my teacher…wish u listen my music 2 ,u will understanf wat i mean

  11. kagame says:

    lyrical maturity seen

  12. Ntegeka Richard says:

    Wow thanks bro for this dope song before after en during

  13. Eye Rwin says:

    Unapologetically nice. I love your Work A pass.

  14. Nasir says:

    Ameenvu elyenvu ☺☺☺ nyc raggea tune

  15. Muxer Morgan says:

    man u my inspiration trust me 100% kip it up bruh

  16. Jodie lathor ixa says:

    Its acool one,i love it

  17. Dhalirah says:

    You are the best mann.

  18. Jerry says:

    I love the track boss

  19. Nicholas kintu says:

    This is just dope
    Thanks a pass


    Yaaaa I think this hit will turn on the real picture of Africanyoyo album of 2018

  21. Micheal says:

    Am in love with Amenu nice tune Apass

  22. Brave Tiat says:

    Big ups Apass. We behind u. Take Ug music far..

  23. ivan says:

    nice jam ticha a pass run pon dem

  24. Boze says:

    Great work man Apass

  25. Mukasa Morris says:

    Actually been reading in library n switched to my twitter wea i learn about the song
    rush to the start downloading n data gets done wen ts mid way
    I rush to Wi-Fi n complete downloading
    listening to the,
    I love the literal Meaning on the song
    thumbs up iamapass
    let us keep informing the monsters
    Morris at muk

  26. Angelil says:

    best a di best… blessing!!!
    mi like what I know, me like everything I hear from di artist

  27. Mugi mugi says:

    Nice song keep it up

  28. Joseph says:

    It’s a beautiful song, I love your creativity

  29. samuel says:

    I thought I came in early anti Teacher was giving out amenvu

  30. sharrif says:

    Wannimba love

  31. Gamululu says:


  32. Wooow anti big a pass star bwoy teacher

  33. Listen to di voice not to di noise

  34. Alexiz Sanchez Osilo says:

    Amevu song so nice just like the yellow bananas

  35. Peter says:

    It’s anyc love with the track…bless Apas

  36. Man nice I will get u a free lyenvu at chillies restraint Ntinda if u pass bay

  37. Mythikal DAWG says:

    A chuune of d year, respect!

  38. Wastie Jay says:

    Niceness all the way

  39. Wisdom says:

    nice tune yo back

  40. Nicholas4034 says:

    actually man u rilli did it nd nyc lyric to politicians thax meh do luv it much

  41. luda says:

    lyrical genious

  42. Blas says:

    well done A pass

  43. Amenvu, Gali mu Colour ya Yellow!! Go on Brother. WeAreTeamAPASS #AFRICANyayo2018 here we are coming!

  44. Gloria G says:

    I love the song …..

    T’s cool

  45. Rasta says:

    Nice tune. Massive production! But hope Sevo doesn’t take you to Luzira for ‘disturbing his peace’

  46. Stevejex says:

    Nice song bro kip t up

  47. mugenyi says:

    I like your music man “MARIANA” big up

  48. kasirye Estherbella says:

    Eeeehhhh akayimba kalimu hint ya togikwatako…naye enway….jus saying

  49. kasirye Estherbella says:

    Couldn’t wait downloading… this…#teamapassmusomesa…..otherwise kalimu hint ya togikwatako….oba ebyo byange..haahahahahhahaha…enway jus saying bigup a pass…nyc tune dey

  50. Mosh says:

    Foreal u rock me A pass UG am.listening from Manama Ameenvu

  51. simonpieta says:

    i’ve always been inspired by your content, it’s rich and deeply meaningful… pls keep the consistency:)

  52. Thanks for the great work a pass

  53. Thanks for the great work love u alot a pass

  54. Ddownloaded I love ur music

  55. Ssekaana Frank says:

    Man this is a grt work thank you for the master pieces hv liked you music from way bk and every post u make on social media is a lesson forcing me

  56. Malcom says:

    Too lit my brother.on point

  57. Humble cornelius says:

    Wow used to see this song in your hashtags of twitter and Instagram but hadn’t downloaded it yet had to wait to resume work and use office WiFi to download it b’se all i used to load is a social pack….but i must say it was totally worthy the wait, dope stuff.

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