RELEASED: April 22, 2017
LABEL: iamapass
Abadde Awo By A Pass

Abadde Awo By A Pass 5.24 MB 558 downloads


15 Responses to Abadde Awo By A Pass

  1. Muz Jjeyx says:

    this one z fwaayaaa

  2. Assad kb kounda says:

    Twakyaaaaa @apasskiller da teacher

  3. bruhan saleh says:


  4. Sean says:

    Its such a koool regga vibe, u have me again, bro.

  5. RudeBuay Stameleon StamHolic says:

    Walayi Gwe Asinga Mr #Apass
    Nange Njagala Mbere Nga Gwe Katonda Waliba Ankwatideko

  6. André says:

    So dope

  7. Kara Jimmie says:

    This song I can’t get enough of it

  8. Kelso says:

    This is z real music
    Nothing beats this sweet contemporarism.
    More fire Mr. APASS

  9. nyombi Gonza says:

    anti apass the teacher

  10. Craish vaybz killar says:

    Hahahahah abadde awo
    True work fire

  11. Ronny says:

    This is my perfect song though i dont understand the lyrics..Thanks for the tune teacher

  12. Denis says:

    Nice tune keep it up

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