RELEASED: May 13, 2016
LABEL: iamapass
PRODUCED BY: Nessim & Alex
Nva Kampala Album


74 Responses to Nva Kampala Album

  1. Karim Apass Jr says:

    This is d maddest #Album av ever seen ever since i was born true #Twookyaa


    I Love You A pass

  3. Azaria Innocent says:

    This is just the best album ever. Good job A pass

  4. Jonnie Elvis says:

    This album is fire!!! I love all the tracks but most of #gamulu
    Mad respect teacher!

  5. Hatim Musa says:

    Wtf!! Twokya! 4ever!

  6. Mukimba jackie says:

    I love you apass the teacher

  7. I love you to the moon

  8. niceness just, thanks so much A pass and big up to yourself man

  9. Muhairich says:

    Great music Apass!!

  10. PETER SSAKA says:


  11. Alexkayizzi says:

    At us who don’t use Apple products
    And hate amazon

  12. Best album with Dope songs on it

  13. Karim Apass Jr. says:

    Gyal mi love all ya talks so gyal wen u talk mi cyant tell u shut op, simply fyn wen ya talk baiby wen ya talk mi jst ablack out, Njagala nzije fi ya body boat….,No visa baiby gat no pasport… No money boo no visa too bt baiby mi giv u d confort… Wooooowww teacher this song jst kills me ur d most lyrical artist in ug #TeacherApass we so proud of u and blessed to hv u we always thank God and pray to him to keep alive and healthy coz u always make us happy and take away our worries and as well #Teacher who guid us thanx so much am #TeamApass for #Life much love #Apass

  14. Muz Jjeyx says:

    this is the biggest album I’ve ever seen! with di maddest chunes
    noff respect @iamapass

  15. Hatric says:

    A pass bringing sense to Ugandan music
    It a great Album. Am enjoying the niceness

  16. paul kato maurray says:

    its so yo music a pass

  17. dherrickillar senteza says:

    fi real dis ah d maddest album innah d ug histry,in fact dis album record z unbreakable bcaz all d song off t r top hits,A PASS u deserve d ug muzical crown coz u king d ting,js keep murdering t so bad

  18. I do love A pass’ mus!c all t!me!!! big ups to yourself.

  19. DJ BARSH K says:

    Awesome Reggae Dancehal Album #MuchExperience

  20. Teacher says:

    This is History in the making and it is just the start

  21. FEDEL says:

    u gat real talent

  22. kabendera james (A Pass Student) says:

    ya mi ins-piration, ya mi teacher iman ya student mu somelo lyo, #iamTeamApass

  23. barlinale julius says:

    nice ov it apass!!!

  24. #Nvakampala by @iam apass z jhs lit BG UPS BRUH

  25. KAYONGO ISMA says:

    This is called the good music. It’s a real album…Yes it is. I just like people like A pass , simple / humble beginnings. So talented, I wish you all the best. And keep doing ya thing. “Wuuyo” and “bakwagala olina” I listen to those two at least daily. Jah bless.

  26. eli drizzle says:

    got natn to say but ts awesome #tokya

  27. jhoeanie Nankya Kiyaga says:

    I love the marianah song to the moon and back actually to the sun n back.
    It’s really great and ear catching at first sound.

    Great stuff Apass #iamanapassdiehard

  28. Joseph Bulime says:

    I Lyk U Mr.Apass Includin Yo Hits..Jct .Go On Releasin De Baddest Hits Bouyi***and big Up On Ya Self Men.

  29. Victoria Nabagesera says:

    Wah gwan mam am in love with yo music

  30. Karen Ernandez says:

    Just purchased your new album, Nva Kampala. I really like it so much.
    What does Twookyaa mean? I hear that at the beginning of your songs all the time.
    thanks <3

    • A Pass says:

      thank so much for supporting me Karen i appreciate you so much …uhmmmm Twookya means we burn Let me hope that serves you thanks

  31. Byagala Richard says:

    It’s really a great vibe bro. Maddest Album

  32. Howard Legion says:


  33. Rion RW Sweetlyfe says:

    Nice music Apass keep up with such hard work because you also know that it pays. Music mulungi nnyo.

  34. Kristin Siima says:

    I really loved Mariana Video and of course the song itself. Big ups to You A PASS

  35. Waldah Asmah says:


  36. Allan O'shea says:

    This Album should be every Ugandan’s must have. .cool taste of music. Big op A pass, Nessim, Alex & Kemist for the Nice Work.

  37. junior kayz says:

    nice one

  38. Jagen Howard A Pass diehard says:

    I love A Pass coz he knows wat he does

  39. just waitin for #What a wonderful world song release……been following you on facebook liveee

  40. artlas kay christopher says:

    Badest lyrics composer

  41. Okumu Isaac Odwako says:

    Yo Apass U A Indeed High

  42. lucky luda says:

    i couldn’t understand #badworld not until i realized it properly that it has been #Nessim, u guys have made ugandan music so “dop” A pass, nessim and stuff #burn dem.

  43. Juáns Márs says:

    this….. is… awesomeeeee

  44. Hawardzz says:

    Da greatest album ever,,, de songz on it represents da tittle ov dee album nva Kampala,, nuff love ma teacher keep moving

  45. Christian says:

    Where can I buy it in Kampala please?

  46. Mugyenyi10 says:

    Nvakampala Mi best ever

  47. Akram pro says:

    I love yo style blad I really appreciate yo work bro en thanx for the good music bro Apass big up

  48. #Apass yo the number one teacher i’ve ever seen

  49. Chellan Mike says:

    Greatest lyrical power strength in Nva Kampala album…. Thanks Teacher Alexander Bagonza…
    Buh I ghat an intuitiveness of ‘African Yayo’ being more murder…

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