RELEASED: May 13, 2016
LABEL: iamapass
Yah Man- A Pass


Yah Man by A Pass 5.17 MB 396 downloads



20 Responses to Yah Man- A Pass

  1. Yah man nice tune Apass and Nessim kukigoma so this is in fair

  2. Trevor says:

    Dope Tune!

  3. willy otala says:

    A pass I love you and your musics ,u are my role model, what should I do if I want to be like you Teacher??thanks

  4. Denis says:

    nice music from the only TEACHER..

  5. Nice jam Apass n waiting still for MARIANA VIDEO

  6. Newman100 says:

    Hey Apass thanks for the free music.
    Sure wish i had a bank account or something to buy your album.
    But they are cool man

  7. Ntegeka Richard says:

    I also got a free copy of Yah man. Ha ha ha

  8. Sharif Moglr says:

    Big tune

  9. DjDansoll says:

    Niceness!! Pliz a pass publish the lyrics so dat we can enjoy singing along.

  10. Alex Atexpoal says:

    Wat made me take long to listen to this #Lyrical_Gigolo

  11. Asiimwe ham says:


  12. Angunda benard says:

    Wow,nice jam man!

  13. Kabendera says:

    Mulilo Mulilo

  14. Bidong Emmer says:

    The Best Music Ever Without Any Mind Intoxication ( Can’t Fade On My Side)

  15. Ongom W'otagea says:

    This gentleman “A PASS” is beyond amazing…..! No offence but in the age of struggling artists, this guy makes it seem easy to be on top of the game. Amazing stuff, great stuff…..

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