September 20, 2016

Queen of Katwe is a biographical sports drama film about a Ugandan girl who sees her world change rapidly after being introduced to the game of chess. This is not so different from my story. I spent most of my childhood living in the ghettos of Kisenyi. Growing up in the ghetto is not as easy as hip-hop artists say in their songs. Life is hard out there and I feel like this movie speaks volumes about the rise of a young, talented and ambitious girl from the slums and therefore sparks excitement in me that mirrors my similar experience coming up from a small boy in the ghettos of Kisenyi to the successful artiste I am now.

Seeing myself featured in a big movie project like Queen of Katwe makes me feel proud of not only myself but my family, friends, and everyone who supported me from day 1. It strengthens my belief that anyone who works hard and is patient can make it in life no matter where you come from so having not only one or two but four of my songs featuring in the movie was a dream come true. Being part of a ghetto story is a blessing to me and this shows that ghetto people can also make it in life and can have lots of opportunities just like the uptown people.

Four of A Pass’ songs featured in the movie with Kyempulila, Wuuyo, and Tulikubigere featured on the official movie soundtrack album and Bakwagala Olina featuring in the movie. Other artistes featured on the soundtrack album include Saava Karim, Afrigo Band, Eddy Kenzo, Bobi Wine, Radio & Weasel, and Chameleone. The world premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival in the Roy Thompson Hall on Saturday 10th September and it is expected to start showing in Ugandan cinemas on the Independence weekend starting 7th October