The Story Behind Mariana

July 6, 2016

The Concept
Mariana is a song about a lady who is HIV Positive and she is doing lots of stuff like drinking and smoking due to the depression that comes with the virus and also because she thinks this will help her ease the pain. We are trying to show people the other side of life and let them know that this never solves anything and but only makes things worse. The song also bridges the gap between the old and the young with the old school Kadongo kamu taste to it which fits the old people. On the other hand, the dancehall vibe in the verses makes the connection between the two worlds.

The Audio
We also have Nessim Pan Production who was the audio engineer who made the beat and mixed the song. The song was mastered in USA by Chemist who is also the main producer for Nyanda. He also mastered the whole Nva Kampala album. This song is not the usual ordinary music you listen to. It has a story behind it and is studded with talent right from the composition to the team of talented individuals who put a lot of effort into making it the song it is now. A Pass who sang the song, composed the melodies, wrote it down, and produced it.

The Video
Video was shot by 3 Ugandan video directors namely Lukyamuzi Bashir, Alex Ireeta and …… There was so much manpower and we had a lot of hardworking and talented people on set that helped make the video successful. Micheal Ouma and Joseph Sax both featured in the video playing the guitar and saxophone respectively. Kelley, the main actress and vixen in the video is a model and actress and she plays the character Mariana. I can’t wait to see the full package of the video and can’t wait to see what will come of this. This in my anticipation is going to be one of the best videos to come out of the pearl, Uganda.

The Outcome
In my experience of doing music, Mariana is one of the songs I personally respect because I put in a lot of art in this one piece. The credit is not fully mine as God has blessed me with the talent to create music that makes sense. Music that not only leaves someone singing along but sparks nostalgia in the old, relates to the young and appeals to a large audience and that is my goal. That’s exactly what am picturing to give to people in this and many more of my musical projects and that is my vision of Mariana. I want all my fans out there to experience Mariana in surround sound audio and high-definition video.